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Brother Versus Brother in Super Bowl XLVII, but not According to John and Jim

January 25th, 2013 at 1:56 PM
By Mark Ortiz

It is being billed as the Harbaugh Bowl, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the two brothers for which the name derives itself from. Both 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and his older brother Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh have been quite passive about the situation the two of them find themselves in. It will be the first time in NFL history that two head coaching brothers face off against one another in the Super Bowl. Leading up to Super Bowl XLVII both brothers have been overly complementary to one another, rather than ribbing each other in good natured family fun as most of the media expected.

The two bothers, separated by only 15 months, have made the conscious effort to steer the media attention away from them and onto the players that will be taking the field. Each praising the efforts of the others players, and remarking on the hard work their own players put in to get to the big dance. As it should be, both have put together stellar programs, and the dedication that the players have put forth is well to be recognized by their respective coaches.

As for now, big brother John has the upper hand in head to head coaching battles with Jim, though they only faced each other one time, in last years Thanksgiving Day game. A game that was a defensive struggle to the bitter end, with the Ravens defeating the 49ers 16-6. Offensively the game was not a show of dominance at all, with all of the major offensive contributors held in check for the entire game.

But there will be some new faces to the match up this year. The 49ers are hoping that quarterback Colin Kaepernick can produce an offensive spark where it lacked in the first meeting. And soon to be Hall of Famer linebacker Ray Lewis, who did not play in last year’s contest, is hoping to put the brakes on the Kaepernick express. Two of the most dynamic players in the contest that have never played against each other should vote well for a dramatic game.

And that’s just as the Harbaugh brothers would have it, focus paid to their players. So the media can call it the Harbaugh Bowl or the Har Bowl or Bro Bowl or what ever they like, the brothers themselves think of it as the 49ers versus Ravens Super Bowl. And that is good enough for them. 

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