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Randy Moss Calls Himself Greatest Wide Receiver Ever, Jerry Rice Reacts

January 29th, 2013 at 6:00 PM
By Rebecca Pierce

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, Randy Moss spoke to press at Super Bowl XLVII Media Day in New Orleans today, calling himself "the best receiver to ever play this game." Many were shocked by the statement, and it has been debated ever since, with Jerry Rice stepping in to retaliate.

When asked about his impact on the history of the game, Randy Moss said today, "I don't really live on numbers, I really live on impact and what youre able to do out on the field. I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game." Should this kind of statement be taken as arrogance or confidence on Moss's part? You be the judge, and watch the clip here.

Jerry Rice, the widely accepted best WR of all time, reacted a few hours later to the brash statement. Rice noted his three Super Bowl titles, as well as mentioning that Moss should check the stats before making such bold statements. Watch his reaction here.

While Randy Moss has never won a Super Bowl, his career numbers definitely do put him with the best. His longevity in the NFL is one thing to mention, at (almost) 36 years old, he has had a lot of time to rack up the numbers in his favor. With a career 15,292 yards for 156 touchdowns, he has been a key player in five teams' offensive games. However, going by the numbers, his best season was arguably way back in 2003 with the Minnesota Vikings, and since then his numbers have significantly dropped. But there is a reason Moss was able to come out of retirement after a year and get back in the game: he can still make things happen. Just last game with the 49ers, he caught three touchdown passes, and his 17-yard catch in the third quarter helped set up Frank Gore's first touchdown of the game on the very next play (ESPN).

Well watch out Jerry, because Moss may have more to brag about come Sunday. If the 49ers can beat the Baltimore Ravens in this year's big game, Randy Moss will record his first ever Super Bowl win.

Stay tuned to for the countdown to Super Bowl Sunday! #superbowlplus

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