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San Francisco 49ers Have Reached an Agreement to Trade Alex Smith to Kansas City Chiefs

February 27th, 2013 at 11:47 AM
By Mark Ortiz

Multiple sources are now reporting that the San Francisco 49ers have reached an agreement to trade quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs. The deal is to include a second round draft pick in 2013 and a second round draft pick in 2014 that would go to the 49ers in exchange for Smith. However, the trade cannot be finalized until the 2013 season officially opens on March 12th.

Of all the possible scenarios associated with the impending Alex Smith trade, this one makes the most sense and will benefit both parties substantially. Consequently, there is speculation that the 49ers could have gotten more for Smith from the Chiefs. In the end though, both the Chiefs and the 49ers will have added key elements to their programs moving forward.

For the 49ers, they will have created a lot of cap space with the Smith trade, as Smith was due around eight million dollars on April 1st. They also added a high draft pick to the 14 they already have this year. With that many picks for an already talent-laden team, they have a prime opportunity to bring in big name players using many of their picks as trade bait. With concerns at the kicker position, the defensive backfield positions, back up quarterback, wide receiver positions, and special team’s positions, the 49ers have an opportunity to fill those voids without threatening the cap room.

As for the Chiefs and Alex Smith, they too find themselves in a very beneficial position. The Chiefs will obviously release or trade their current starting quarterback Matt Cassel, which in turn will also clear cap space for them. By releasing Matt Cassell, the Chiefs will have more salary cap room, which they ultimately need if they want to re-sign superstar wide receiver and current unrestricted free agent Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs also have the number one overall pick in this years draft, which they will more than likely use on an offensive lineman to help protect Smith.

The future for the Chiefs as of right now looks very appealing; in addition to Smith, they hired former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid to man the sidelines in Kansas City. Reid has a history of developing quality quarterbacks, as seen with Donovan McNabb and rejuvenating Jeff Garcia's career. The Chiefs also have a rushing attack that features three very talented running backs to drive them to the next level.

Both teams should be very pleased with the trade. The Chiefs will not doubt have the talent on the team to lift them out of the NFL cellar, maybe not a playoff contender this coming season, but could make a run at it in the near future. And the 49ers can only get stronger by adding another draft pick to their handful of playing cards. The 49ers are looking toward the future of this franchise, and now have the tools to make a legitimate claim to being Super Bowl contenders for the next five or so years.

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