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San Francisco 49ers are Keeping an Eye on Derrelle Revis After the New York Jets Openly Shopped Him at the Combine

February 28th, 2013 at 11:01 AM
By Mark Ortiz

Interesting moves just might be made by the San Francisco 49ers in the coming weeks, especially since the trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for Alex Smith looks like it will be made official. One very interesting possibility is the 49ers interest in cornerback Derrelle Revis. It has been reported that the New York Jets were openly shopping Revis at the NFL combine this past week. The Jets were mired in controversy and sub par play last season, and they have been on a downward trend since their last winning season in 2010. They have hired a new General Manager this year, and it’s been made apparent that he intends to right the ship. Even if it means trading away their best player.

Revis for his part has been a superstar cornerback during his six-year career. His dominance is proof positive by the nickname of "Revis Island" given to him by opposing offenses. Unfortunately he misses all but two games last season due to a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. But prior to that he was arguably the most effective cornerback in the league, and quarterbacks certainly shied away from throwing in his direction.

Revis will probably be asking for around 11 or 12 million per year on his impending contract. That is a high price to pay, but the 49ers did clear eight million out of their cap room with the Smith trade. And with 15 draft picks to play with in this year’s draft, there may be a possibility that Revis is wearing red and gold this coming season.

The only real hurdle that the 49ers will have to get over is his ACL tear, and how well he recovers from that. It’s a major injury, but one has to consider that nearly every player will experience injury. It’s a contact sport, it will happen eventually. It can hardly be considered gambling on a player just because he experienced an injury. Teams go into each season knowing that some of their players will get hurt. In effect, they gamble on every player on the roster, because every player could go down with an injury.

What does it mean for the 49ers if they do sign him and he does stay healthy? First of all, Revis would probably jump at the chance to come to an already stout defense on a team that intends on contending for a Super Bowl each and every year. And with Revis, the 49ers only get tougher, they already had one of the more talented cornerback units in the league. As of right now the 49ers only have three cornerbacks on their roster, Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown, and Chris Culliver. All three hit like a freight train and all three have great coverage instincts. If Revis would come aboard, he would be playing opposite of Rogers in the starting lineup, and would provide a leadership role amongst them that they have not had yet. The 49ers, if they did land him, would still probably keep all of their cornerbacks. All would get ample amount of playing time, and the time off the field will only make them more dangerous come playoff time.

A Revis signing to the 49ers defensive backfield greatly improves their chances to return to the Super Bowl this coming season. And the 49ers are holding all the cards right now. If their interest is really that high, look for moves with the Jets to start forming sooner than later. 

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